We are a team of agricultural scientists in India get into natural product manufacturing and formulation process. Our team has natural resource management specialists, a herbalist with specialized knowledge in herbs, an organic agronomists, skilled artisans (about 45 years of yeomen services in oil crushing) of oil manufacturing, and few marketing researchers. Our strength is very strong domain knowledge in Indian botanicals. One of our technology person Dr.Rama has 35 years of research experience in botanicals particularly neem. We are adapting T3's approach-meaning Traditional Technology Transfer -(bringing the older technology in a newer fashion). We realized the present situation of farming the agriculturists are dumping the toxic chemical pesticides and fertilizers into their cultivation practices. Farmers are thinking that there is no alternate for the chemical pesticides and fertilizers even knowing the dangerous side effects of all those inputs. But there are plenty of natural, biological and herbal input materials which gives far better results than the chemical inputs.

Realizing the importance and impact of ecological balance, environmental pollution, human health , resource utilization and recycling and sustainable environment, we at AgriNeem ( a branch of AgriInfoTech, Inc. USA), developed ecofriendly , natural derivatives for agriculture.

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Dr. Rama is recognized by American Biographical Institute for his remarkable contributions and achievements in Indian Agriculture as "DISTINGUISHED LEADERSHIP AWARD"

Our Mission is making the environment safe by make use of all possible herbs or any natural products into a bio-safe pesticides. We also mobilizing high quality herbs (both raw as well extracts) from India. We are finding out the area of using low toxicity natural materials to gain control of pests. We are a team of highly motivated technicians and staff dedicated to providing the best products and services available in the industry. It is our commitments to our clients, our employees, our communities, and our industry.

AgriNeem is committed to providing its clients high quality herbs and botanical products from India. We also provide technology of usage of botanical materials in pest control. We also rendering all necessary Research & Development activities for our clients. We are proud to say that our clients are spread all over the World. We are not strictly a trader but we are scientist very sensitive and responsive to our clients' needs and devoted to their satisfaction. We strive to be fair, honest, courteous, and professional in all our dealings.

We are following the traditional methodology of crushing neem oil (clod pressed neem oil) using natural products as clarificants. In general, oil can be extracted from nuts and seeds by heat, solvents, or pressure. Extraction by heat is not used commercially for vegetable oils. Neem oil is extracted from neem seed kernels without applying any clarifying chemicals or even heating the seeds. Hence it is 100% organic and virgin oil without any impurities. Seeds are procured from Neem trees and COLD PRESSED in state-of-art manufacturing unit to obtain virgin oil having minimum Azadirachtin of 1500 to 2000 ppm. Our neem oil is recorded more than 3000 ppm.


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Neem oil from Agricultural Scientists!!!




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We also supply neem and pungam oil in bulk containers from India



Plant Extract FC 100 for Soybean Asian Rust Control!!! Neem/Karanj blend for Asian rust control!!! our products are "laboratory and field tested"...Dealers Wanted!!!

Our Botanicals, neem, pungam oil products are "laboratory and field tested"...Dealers Wanted!!!


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