Our research team is extensively involved in botanicals research since, 1984. His research on various botanicals based on the documents documented in Indian ancient literature's.

These documentation are clearly indicating that the usage of any natural products as is without changing its natural conditions for the best results. This is well reflected in Azadirachtin based formulations even at 10000 ppm does not showing consistent results in pest control program. For the past 5-6 years most of the neem oil based formulations (combination of various limnoids) are found effective in controlling insects and disease. Please read this paper Functional blocks of neem oil to know more about the role of different limnoids on pest and disease control.

Just like Neem oil Pungam oil or Karanj Oil is widely used as a pesticide. Foliar sprays of pungam oil is effective against number of pests and diseases. Pungam Oil is also used in leather dressing, soap making and in the manufacture of lubricants. Pharmaceutical preparations based on pungam oil are used for treating skin diseases including scales, herpes and leucoderma. The oil possesses insecticidal and anti-bacterial properties. Field trials of mixtures of Neem Oil and pungam oil (AzaKaranj) mixtures have shown excellent results against several pests and diseases like mildews (tested in Idaho, USA) including Soybean Asian rust (tested in Brazil). The active ingredient in pungam oil is the liminoid karanjin. Many more actives in pungam oil is not yet identified.

Our neem+Karanj fertilizer formula is readily mixing with fish oil, shark protein providing 3 in 1 action (fungicidal, insecticidal and hormonal) on plants.

Our oil products are bio degradable, emulsifiable and effective against a broad spectrum of insect pests. It is eco-friendly " No Harm to plants- Non phytotoxic "

Our Research Results:

1. Pungam Formula on Mildews of Grapes (Trials conducted by Dr.Roman Pavela, Agricultural University, Czech Republic)

2. Neem Formula on Hydroponics Tomato

3. Trial on Wheat and Canola with Pungam oil formula



4. Testimonials from Agra, Czech Republic

Pungam oil – we conducted several trials with Pungam last year. The results in cereals were neutral but in orchards and wineyards were much promising. We will repeat these trials this years and we also want to make a decision after this year´s results. (Martin, Sr, Agra)

5. Testimonials from Cotton contract farming groups: Royal Classic Mills, India

6. Testimonials from Consolidated Group: Synthetic Chemical Ditributor & Farm Owner: CONSOLIDATED GROUP. India

7. Phytotoxicity trial on Turmeric: Apids control by Neem Formula in Turmeric

Further Readings:

Literatures on Botanicals-Compiled and Edited by Dr.Rama (Click the following links)

1. Functional blocks of neem oil

2. Indian Botanicals

3. Neem Literature's- A Review

4. Structures of Limnoids

5. Bioefficacy of AgriNeem Oil Formula

6. Proprietary formula of AzaKaranj

7. Nematode Control with NeemNemate

8. Indian Council of Agricultural Research Report on Neem on nematode control

9. Neem oil can controls insects and diseases?-A Gardner Mr.PERNELL GERVER's Report

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