Botanicals are insect toxins that are derived or extracted from plants or plant parts. Many botanical insecticides have been known and used for hundreds of years, but were displaced from the marketplace by synthetic insecticides in the 1950s. These old products, and some new, plant-derived products, deserve consideration for use in pest control. Botanical insecticides have different chemical structures and modes of action.

Research has shown that the seed oil of Azadirachta indica (Neem) can control nearly 200 species of insects. It is significant that some of these pests are resistant to pesticides, or are inherently difficult to control with conventional pesticides (floral thrips, diamond back moth & several leaf miners). Thus Neem is a broad spectrum pesticide and even compatible with most chemical pesticides. Neem works by intervening at several stages of the life of an insect. It may not kill the pests instantaneously but incapacitate it in several other ways.

Pongamia glabra commonly known as Karanj is native of western ghats in India. Seeds of this medium-sized glabrous tree is mainly valued for the oil obtained from them which has pesticide and medicinal uses.

Indian herbal liquid form used as organic stimulant. It contains all essential nutrients and alkaloids required for plant growth. Indirectly it imparts immunity in the plant system and has direct fungicidal and bactericidal action on pathogens. Our research studies stated that it is good against powdery mildew, soil borne fungi and leaf spot disease. This is an herbal extract used as bio-stimulants. It is also used for tree trunk injection.

Another product extracted out of few herbs and recommended as a nutritional product for organic farming containing all essential nutrients and alkaloids required for plant growth. Indirectly it imparts immunity in the plant system and has direct insecticide action on insect. Our research studies stated that it is good against aphids, jassids, caterpillars, bollworms, borers, leaf miners and mites.

It is a blend of isolated long chain isoprenoid fatty alcohol, phenolic and amino acids extracted from the leaf residue of selected crop plants. It is extracted in a unique way and formulated in a carefully proportioned manner to give bio stimulatory effect to the plant growth in a natural way that allows plants to make better use of available moisture and plant nutrients. In enhances auxin transport from the leaves to the developing organs; it stimulates the photosynthesis by increasing ATP pool of the seedling at an early growth stage. Also provides a photo respiratory inhibitory response. All these lead to higher expression of genetic potential promoting significantly higher crop yield and improved quality, notable freshness and firmness, upon cold storage of fruits and vegetable. This formulation has been found to increase the yield of many crops – potato, groundnut, tomato, eggplant, green chili, onion etc. by 15 to 30 percent.


NEEMNEMATE 10G & 15 G - an “organic” novel granular pesticide of botanical origin used for the control of soil borne pests including nematodes. It is a very good product for the control of turf as well as golf grass grub control. It is recommended for soil application. Its granular nature is ease the application through broadcast through any type of applicators. The active ingredients include a careful blend of Neem seed constituents collectively called “Neem Bitters”. They are coated or absorbed on to a selective carrier material of agricultural origin so that persistency and stability of the active compound are enhanced in this medium. The mode of action is both systemic and contact type. The main active ingredient in NEEMNEMATE 10G is Azadirachtin.


We also supplying high quality sesame oil, neem oil cake, pungam oil cake and neem leaf for various purposes in plant protection programs.


I have done first trials with pungam oil on aphids. The results are very good. The formulation of product is also very good.- Dr.Roman Pavela Czech.

Our Botanicals, neem, pungam oil products are "laboratory and field tested"...Dealers Wanted!!!


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