AgriNeem is one of the India's first and only One-Stop-Shop Technical Consultants for Herbal cultivation, trade and any new herb information. Our panel of experts is specialized in Agriculture domain with areas of specialization in Organic agriculture, Herbal cultivation, Pharmacology, Pharmaceuticals and other related sciences including Agricultural Marketing. We undertakes projects for any herb cultivation under high scientific care

AgriNeem's service is a fully integrated from seed to marketing the farm produce. Our resource personnel are multi versatile in soil fertility, agronomy, and herb cultivation and develop market strategy planning for successful herb trade. We are a member in organic trade association, USA and able to help in marketing the products internationally. Our USA unit is taking care of any foreign leads and trades or follow-up for any trade in USA and Europe. We are also able to provide component technology for organic herbal cultivation too. Our service includes,

q   Soil fertility assessment and soil fertility restoration.

q   Improvement over existing farm practices adopted in the farm.

q   Water management practices and soil moisture conservation.

q   Eco-friendly input supply and offer the rebate in AgriNeem products.

q   Positively explore the farm for any herb lead from USA end.

q   Propose bio-pesticides for pest & diseases control.

q   Helping in marketing net work for the farm produce.


We can organize the cultivation of Tropical Herbs, and we can train the wild collectors as per the companies requirements. Since we located near the foot hills of Western Ghats, the availability of forest species is more.

We able to liaison immediately for supplying both organic certified and conventionally cultivated Coleus, Aloe vera, Yucca extract, Gloriosa, Phyllanthus, and Rosemary